EuroStars Drag Contest 2021 premieres May 1st on LatestTV!

What if there was a mix of Eurovision and RuPaul’s Drag Race? Well, hun imagine that … there is! The EuroStars Drag Contest reality TV series is just around the corner. 

Drag has been a part of the Eurovision song contest since 2002 when Sestre represented Slovenia with “Samo Ijubezen.” In 2014, Eurovision crowned a drag queen as its winner and, Conchita Wurst left the world shook with her looks and talent. Alongside her shiny dress’s elegance and acclamation of her distinguished beard, Conchita seized the Eurovision stage, followed by stating that “you can achieve anything, no matter who you are or how you look.” 

Eurodrag’s next bout is set to take over Europe and explore the best drag talent of the continent, with the first episode releasing on May 1st at 7 pm (GMT+1)! 

The EuroStars Drag Contest derived from EuroDrag and was created by the spectacular drag queen Linda Gold to celebrate the art of all drag types. EuroStars is an all-inclusive drag contest, open to everybody, from Kings and Queens to trans and non-binary people.

Linda Gold said that “EuroDrag launched in 2015 as a protest towards shows like RuPaul’s drag race, which, at the time, excluded everyone that didn’t represent the creators’ interpretation of drag. Now, finally, five years later, after living out of a suitcase and travelling from bar to bar, we’re able to see ALL types of drag on mainstream TV in the form of EuroStars. I can’t wait to watch it!” 

Aiming to uncover Europe’s extraordinary drag talent across 30 countries, the lavish series will come in three episodes, all filmed in actuality, from start to finish. 

What is the EuroStars series’ format?

The format of EuroStars will be a unique blend of Europe’s favourite song contest, Eurovision, and the world’s most famous drag race, RuPauls’ series. 

In the first two episodes, known as the contest’s semi-finals, 33 drag artists will compete for the 12 spaces of the glorious third and final episode. In both semi-finals, 17 and 16 artists will participate. The five winners at the end of each episode will go on to the series finale. Those triumphant winners of the two semi-finals will be selected by the host and the studio judges. Two fortunate artists that will compete with the other ten will be chosen by a public vote.

Coming from different European countries and backgrounds, the drag contestants of Eurostars will have the opportunity to share their personal stories and get closer to the viewers. The series will feature astonishing talent, as well as plenty of banter and comedy! 

Meet the judges of EuroStars 2021

The big winner of Season 1 will be chosen by the total score of the 30 judges spread across Europe. The judges’ panel will include drag stars from all over the world, many of them coming from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Drag Race Holland, Canada’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s.

Drag Race UK. Eurovision participants will also be part of the judges, including Rasmussen, the Danish representative at Eurovision 2018, and one of the backing vocalists at Eurovision 2019, Dinah Yonas Manna. 

The three resident judges of EuroDrag, Drag Race Holland contestants Sederginne, Janey Jacké, and drag king LoUis CYfer, will also have a saying in the crowning of EuroStar’s Season 1 winner, as will the host and founder of EuroStars, Linda Gold. The public will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite contestant by using an online poll.

Meet the contestants of EuroStars 2021

The 33 contestants of EuroStars 2021 have been announced, and they are all impressive! Find out the representative of the 33 European countries competing here.

England will be represented by Black Peppa, a previous EuroDrag winner. Black Peppa is a brilliant drag queen, model, dancer, and designer from Birmingham with Caribbean heritage and a front runner of EuroStars 2020. 

“My style is very hard to put into one sentence but I can best describe it as fetish punk glamour meets Futurism, with a sophisticated twist of haute couture in there,” Black Peppa told EuroDrag.

The drag stars of the future are about to be discovered on EuroStars Drag Contest 2021, and they will take the world by storm. Although the best will win, everyone embarking on this journey will share the glory! 

Get ready for Europe’s most established drag competition that will feature all types of drag. 

Starting May 1st, airing live on LatestTV, also available on streaming services, including Sky, Amazon Prime, Virgin Media and Revry; you can’t and certainly don’t want to miss it!